Sandy Lake

When we go home to visit family, we usually spend a couple days here at my in-laws cabin.  The lake is calm, the air is fresh and the sun is warm.  It’s so quiet and peaceful you can’t do anything but relax, it’s blissful.


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We were there during the first snowfall and I was so excited to capture the scenery before and after, see below.  






Sean & Matthew

I first met Sean and Matthew when I started practicing yoga at Soul Hot Yoga last year and I really loved their teaching style.  They put a lot of focus on proper alignment and they offer adjustments and cues to make the postures feel right.  Their willingness to work with you to understand how a posture should feel is the reason why I loved going to their class.  I felt like I was getting one-on-one training, and I would leave their class feeling like a winner and that’s the reason I always came back!  :)

Sean and Matthew have been so kind and supportive to me since I graduated Yoga training.  They’ve offered advice on how to improve my yoga resume as well as tips and tricks on how to get noticed by studios and I’m so very grateful for that.  Thank you Sean and Matthew, I feel lucky to have met some truly great people though my yoga journey.

Check out Soul Hot Yoga or Yoga Mandala to see when they’re teaching next –  you will not be disappointed!

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I had the opportunity to photograph Nora who’s a fellow Yoga teacher and it was such a fun shoot.  We started the shoot in a field when the sun was low and the walked over to a pedestrian bridge to continue with some other shots.  While on the bridge, I noticed that there were some prickles in my shoe so I thought I would try get them out by tapping my shoe on the ground with my foot.  That was a mistake because my shoe ended up bouncing and rolling off the bridge into the creek below!  I was like – seriously, did that just happen?  Here I am on the bridge with one shoe on, one bare foot, my big camera and my shoe is floating down the creek.  My first thought was ok whatever, I’ll just grab the socks in my bag and double them up on my bare foot and continue on the with shoot.  Well, before I even got the words out about my sock idea, Nora was off!  She ran through the trees, found a huge stick and was going to get my shoe out of the creek.  I was trying to call her back because honestly, my shoe was not worth the trouble and I was worried that she might slip and fall into the water but she didn’t listen to me, she was a girl on a mission.  I’m pretty lucky to have a friend who will literally drop everything to help me.  She is kind and compassionate and I’m proud to call her my friend.

I snapped some pictures of her trying to rescue my shoe.  (see below)

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When she realized that she was’t going to be able to reach it and that it was floating towards the other side of the creek she was off again!  She dropped her stick and ran up the side of the embankment, across the bridge, though the trees and bushes to the other side of the creek.


Meanwhile, there was a couple walking by with their 2 dogs.  I felt the need to explain why I was standing there with one shoe on and one off, so I told them what happened and that my friend was trying to get my shoe back for me.  The guy then proceeded to bring one of his dogs down to the creek to see if he would fetch the shoe from the water.  This was turning into a circus!

The dog was trained to fetch sticks – not shoes, so he was not interested in my shoe at all!  Nora was throwing sticks towards my shoe to get the dog to fetch it, which at this point was hung up on some rocks in the middle of the creek.

I thought my shoe was a goner, and I was ok with that because I think I spent $10 on them and they were not worth anyone falling into the water or getting sick over!  Also, I had my sock idea and I knew it would work fine until I got to my car.  (I mean, I would look pretty special walking around with one shoe, but I was totally ok with that)

Then the guy started taking off his socks and shoes, rolled up his pants and walked into the creek to get my shoe.  Whaaaat!?

Oh my gosh, he walked into the freezing cold water to get my shoe.  Honestly, I was so amazed and filled with gratitude that he would do that.  He said that it was cold out and that he I didn’t want me to be without my shoe.  What a nice guy – I couldn’t thank him enough!

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